The Municipality of Tipo-Tipo is one of the seven municipalities created by virtue of the Presidential Decree Nos. 356, 593 and 840, converting the Island City into a province. Among the decrees it is PD 840, dated December 11, 1975. However, which brought major changes as it amended PD 593 by providing only seven (7) municipalities out of the initial ten (10) nationalizing that “in order to render its territorial partition more complementary to the size of the area and more responsive to the pacification, rehabilitation and total development of the province”. Prior to the creation of the municipality, however, the town of Tipo-Tipo is one of the barrios of the then District of Lamitan of the defunct City of Basilan. Said town, was even proposed to be the fourth district of Basilan. On December 20, 2005 the municipality is divided into three municipalities namely Al- Barka (MMA Act No. 191), Ungkaya Pukan (MMA Act. No. 190) and the Tipo-Tipo as the mother municipality comprising 11 barangays of Badja, Baguindan, Banah, Bangcoang, Bohebaca, Bohelebung, Bohetambak, Lagayas, Limbo-Upas, Silangkum and the Tipo-Tipo Proper. Tipo-Tipo got its name from the Yakan word called Pag “Tipun-Tipunan”, meaning a meeting place where settlers and traders usually either barter or sell their goods/produce. It is, however, the non-Yakan speaking traders who due to difficulty in pronouncing the words, simply says Tipo-Tipo for facility, that were responsible for its present name. Other version reflects the tree of the place. The town proper is characterized by a kind of tree that thrived in the said place known as Tipu-Tipu tree adjacent to the town proper. During the olden days, settlers and the inhabitants of the place had opted to make the tree as the site of their trading center. The above versions are indicative of the ethnic origins of the people who came to settle in the municipality. The first Municipal Mayor appointed upon the creation in 1975 was Hadji Abduca Osani. He held the position until 1979 when Ustadz Kasim Ismael, Al-Hadz who was appointed by the President Marcos, succeeded him. The present Municipal Executive was elected in the national and local elections of 2014


  First Appointed   Abduca Osani   1975-1979
  Appointed   Ustadz Kasim Ismael   1979-1980
  First Elected   Ustadz Kasim Ismael   1980-1986
  Appointed, OIC   Bonnie Balamo   1986-1987
  Appointed, OIC   Dr. Avelino Ilimin   11/16/87 to 02/02/88
  Elected   Madz T. Maturan   1988-1992
  Elected   Al-Rasheed Sakkalahul   1992-1995
  1st Term Elected   Joel T. Maturan   1995-1998
  2nd Term Elected   Joel T. Maturan   1998-2001
  3rd Term Elected   Joel T. Maturan   2001-2004
  Elected   Madz T. Maturan   2004-2007
  Elected   Ingatun Lukman G. Istarul   2007-2016