It has a total land area of 21, 700 hectares (Source: PPDO Basilan) distributed among the 11 barangays of the Municipality. This figure represents about 4.0 percent of the total land area of the province of Basilan, which is 135,900 hectares. This total land area is distributed among its eleven barangays within its jurisdiction are shown on Table 1 below.



BARANGAY Area in Hectares % to Total Land Area
  1. Badja 2052.104   9.45674
  2. Baguindan 1397.176   6.438632
  3. Banah 2968.994   13.68209
  4. Bangcoang 785.9089   3.62173
  5. Bohebaca 3143.679   14.48692
  6. Bohelebung 2095.764   9.657948
  7. Bohetambak 2183.02   10.06036
  8. Lagayas 1484.497   6.841046
  9. Limbo-Upas 1135.214   5.231388
  10. Silangkum 2139.446   9.859155
  11. Tipo-Tipo Proper 2314.088   10.66398
  TOTAL   21,700   100%



The terrain of the Municipality is relatively flat and hilly to gently slopping towards the coastal areas and the interior. There are several rivers and creeks, which serve as natural drainage grounds for the locality. Noted among these rivers are the Bohebasilan, Bohelebung and the Ponsayan Rivers in which the latter serve as the natural boundary between the Municipalities of Ungkaya Pukan, Al-Barka and Tipo-Tipo.



The slope of the municipality ranged from 3 to 8 percent which portion occupies parts of Barangays Tipo-Tipo proper, Badja, Banah, Buhelebong, and Baguindan. The rest of the area falls under the 6 to 15 percent slope classifications.



The climatological atmosphere of the municipality is the same with that of the entire Basilan peninsula. It is classified, as one with pronounced dry and wet seasons. It has a “D” type of climate wherein rainfall is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. Average annual rainfall from 1960 to 2000, reaches 199.8 mm. Maximum monthly rainfall reaches 382.2 mm. while the wettest is May. Peak months of rainfall usually occur from April to November. Average number of rain days in a given month is 14. From 1995-1999 rainfall is distributed throughout the year. Regular rain comes during the month of May to November. The peak rainy months are June, July, August, September and October. Rainfall frequency ranges from minimum 3.67 inches during the month of March and maximum of 9.02 during the month of June.



Tipo-Tipo Municipality with a mean or moderate temperature of 26.40°C, as minimum (night) to 3.60°C maximum (day). It can be noted that there is a very little temperature variations in the locality with February and March tending to have temperature of one to two degrees centigrade warmer than the rest of the year. Tropical cyclones are rarely experience in the municipality.



The record of the Municipal Planning and Development Office and the Bureau of Soils in Basilan have classified the soils of Tipo-Tipo into six (6) types: There are the Bulaoen Clay Loam, Sandy Loam, Clay Loam, Louisiana Clay, Hydrosol, Bancal Clay Loam and the mountain soil undifferentiated. The latter is found in the forestal areas of the Municipality. Various kinds of crops are suitable to the frost three (3) types such as rubber, fruit trees, coffee, coconut, cacao, palm oil and rootcrops. These types of soil are generally deficient in Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K) and Phosphorous (P).