Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Taala Wabarakatuhu.
Tipo-Tipo has fulfilled its aspirations to become a progressive municipality in the Province of Basilan. With my zeal to serve and given the mandate to, I am optimistic that we can continue what has been started to deliver the services and programs being mandated for the betterment of the general populace. In my last term in office as your Municipal Mayor, I find the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) a good development tool in local governance, since it leads the municipality in a unified direction in achieving its programs, projects and activities. To achieve this objective and to assure sustained growth- the Municipality’s 6 year’s Comprehensive Development Plan for CY 2015-2022 crafted and developed by the writers and editing team: Alton Angeles, Marco Angeles, Radiya P. Istarul-Hassan, Satra G. Kalain- Mujahid and Wahab B. Sannani, with the assistance and support of ARMM Social Fund (BRIDGE) team, Office of the Regional Governor and other line agencies, have been formulated and adopted to serve as a road map in the municipality development effort. Let us fully support the Comprehensive Develop Plan and work to-gether for the sustainable development of our beloved Municipality of Tipo-Tipo. Wassalam

Municipal MAYOR